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Draft Homeworking Charter_260321_CL_SJW_CL_GP+RB_ME

This voluntary partnership agreement is aimed at employees regularly working three or more days per week from home, their line managers and employers. It seeks to provide a simple framework to optimise regular homeworking.


The line manager/employer will by mutual agreement:

Provide suitable equipment to fulfil the role. This may include hardware, chair, regular supply of consumables, contributing to a reliable broadband connection, and equipment insurance.

Arrange/conduct yearly PAT testing on all electrical equipment supplied.

Encourage regular communication regarding company matters and participation with company and client meetings during reasonable working hours.

Offer support for work and personal matters.

Offer constructive feedback and be prepared to receive honest comments in return.

Treat all team members with equally respect in the absence of favouritism, bias, ageism, and sexism

Encourage regular breaks and selfcare.

Provide and encourage training to meet agreed educational needs.

Seek without intrusion to identify personal and/or health issues and address these early in confidence and without fear of the individual being disadvantaged. This may involve a ‘buddy’, mentor, senior colleague or external support.


The employee will by mutual agreement:

Provide a safe and appropriate working environment and enable the employer to confirm suitability e.g., onsite visit or video recording.

Take good care of equipment supplied by the line manager/employer.

Work their contracted hours during agreed time intervals.

Be available for company and client online meetings/calls during agreed working hours.

Provide line managers and employers with reasonable reassurance as to project delivery and hours worked.

Support their company and clients through loyalty the delivery of good work to the best of their ability.

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