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27. November, 2019

Medical and scientific writing (medizinisches und wissenschaftliches Schreiben)*


  • The basics of scientific writing

  • Writing better English

  • Getting published and publication planning

  • Editing and quality control

  • Regulatory writing

  • Writing for medical devices

  • Science journalism, writing for the web and press releases

  • Presentations and meetings

  • Career and survival tips

  • Common statistic and what they mean


9.00 - 17.30



Charlottenburger Innovations-Centrum (CHIC)

Bismarckstraße 10-12

10625 Berlin

Raum: H20



*the course will be taught in English

10. December, 2019

Involving Patients in Research and Writing*


  • How patients and the public are being involved in co-producing the journal content

  • How can Pharmaceutical companies work with Patients for patients?

  • The agency perspective- patient authorship and plain language summeries 

  • Being part of the team: research and art from a patients perspective

  • All I want for Christmas..... How to write healthcare information for adults and children that "minds the gap"

  • Writing and testing lay- friendly health information

  • An alternative view; patient input platforms- pragmatic ownership or pandering?

  • The patient involvement in christmas stockings- some presents unwrapped


9.00 - 17.30



St Giles Church and the Vestry House

60 St Giles High Street

London WC2H 8LG



*the course will be taught in English

Medical Communications e-learning course*


  1. Industry Basics                                              

  2. The World of  Medical Communications      

  3. The Science of Scietific Writing

  4. Proofreading Tips and Tricks

  5. How to Research Correctly

  6. Pharmaceutical Compliance

  7. Medical Devices

  8. Getting and Surviving a Career in Medical Communications

  9. Writing test Support

Modules 1-8 are available for 9.52 Eur each or 53.55 Eur as a bundle

Module 9 is available for 24.99 Eur




*the course will be taught in English